Whole Grade A Vanilla beans


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Product Name 100% Natural Gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade A
Brand Vanilla Miracle
Product Style Whole
Length 15-22cm (Approximately 6 – 9 inches)
Fragrance Strong, Full, Rich Vanilla Aroma
Moisture 25-30%
Color Black/Dark Brown
Texture Oily
Shelf Life 1 year
Packaging Vacuum Packed
Ingredients Vanilla Beans
Handling / Storage Store in a cool, dry place.
Recommended Applications Ice cream, cakes, and cookies, and homemade vanilla extract, syrup, chocolate, tobacco, liquors (whiskeys,  cordials, and cocktails) and beverages


These Whole Grade A Vanilla beans are the highest quality and have a rich, dark aroma. The texture is very oily, fleshly and the vanilla essence is truly a remarkable scent.

These beans give a rich, strong, and full of vanilla flavor.

Grade A Vanilla beans are all between 6″ to 9″ inches long. They are perfect for making homemade vanilla extract, home cooking or baking,

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  • The beans will be packed in vacuum-sealed packaging for your order (Picture shows)
  • Five beans per package (If you order 20 beans, we will send 5 beans x 4 in one package)

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5 reviews for Whole Grade A Vanilla beans

  1. Jak (store manager)

    Best vanilla beans I’ve ever bought! They come vacuum sealed. I’ve been making my own vanilla extract for decades, I put them into one liter of cheap vodka, 24 hours later it’s already a lovely shade of brown. Will definitely purchase again!

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  2. Elle Amalie (store manager)

    I am a heavy baker and use a lot of vanilla and vanilla beans. I have used several different sellers and this is the best quality I have received. I am very pleased with my purchase.

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  3. Windy lee (store manager)

    After searching for quality vanilla beans, I found this website. I purchased 10 beans which is Grade A. The package was received and beans were in great condition due to being well packed. They were vacuum-sealed, weren’t dried out and had a good aroma. Happy with this product, and will purchase again.

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  4. julie Lowry (store manager)

    My husband and I loved these vanilla beans! The flavor and aroma were great. I made some vanilla sugar cookies and vanilla bean Rice. The vanilla beans themselves are so much more fragrant and flavorful than ones I’ve bought before. I would buy them again.

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  5. Anne G (store manager)

    Quality beans. Purchased them twice. These beans were full of aroma and very moist. I am using them to make Vanilla Extract.

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